Children from Russia and Other CIS Countries to Inaugurate Hero Cities Alley at Orlyonok Children’s Centre

Дети из России и стран СНГ откроют аллею городов-героев в «Орлёнке»

They will also meet the Heroes of the Soviet Union and actors who starred in the war drama Only Old Men Are Going to Battle.

The One Victory for All educational programme will be launched at Orlyonok Children’s Centre shortly before the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War. As Aleksandr Dzheus, the Centre Director, stated in his interview to TASS News Agency that during this session, children from Russia and CIS Countries will inaugurate the Hero Cities Alley and meet the Heroes of the Soviet Union and take part in the Immortal Regiment March.

‘Shortly before the Victory Anniversary,’ Mr. Dzheus said, ‘the Orlyonok Centre will launch its One Victory for All educational programme that brings together students of different military and patriotic educational centres. Children will arrive from all regions of Russia and the CIS countries, such as Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. They will inaugurate the Hero Cities Alley, take part in a solemn parade, meet the Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia and attend a meeting with the stars of the war drama Only Old Men Are Going to Battle.'

He also stated that the session will include an Immortal Regiment march. Besides, there will be an Orloynok paramilitary sports competition held where teenagers can demonstrate their competence in marching, bearing firearms, medical preparation, hiking and wrestling.

"Our task is," the Centre Director continued, "to provide young people with something to really think about, to draw their attention to true historic facts (including those that relate to Great Patriotic War), teach them to think, analyse and draw conclusions." He also stated that each session includes themed days addressing the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War where children are told about the exploits of the soldiers and the key events of the war.

About the Centre 

Orlyonok, a Russian Pioneer Camp situated 45 km from the town of Tuapse on the shore of the Black Sea was inaugurated in 1960. In 1992, it was transformed into the Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok, a unit of camps capable of hosting simultaneously up to 3,500 children during the summer season. In the winter season, the camps of Solnechny, Shtormovoy and Stremitelny welcome campers. Together these camps can host up to 1,500 children.

Source: TASS