Commemorating the victory. A Victory anniversary graffiti contest kicks off in Moscow Oblast

Чтим Победу. В Подмосковье стартовал «юбилейный» конкурс граффити

As part of the festival, theaters will put on performances about the Great Patriotic War.

A graffiti contest started in Moscow Oblast, according to the Moscow Oblast today online publication, which cites the press service of the Chief Directorate for Social Communications in the region.

The contest is being held for the fifth time this year and will continue until late June. The competition comprises several stages: first, applications and sketches will be submitted to municipal governments; then finalists will be determined who will then get to paint their pictures on building facades; finally, a commission will check out the graffiti and determine the winners.

This year the topic of the festival is the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War. Participants are expected to come up with graffiti depicting the contribution of Moscow Oblast to the Victory, providing patriotic education, depicting famous WWII personalities that streets have been named after in Moscow Oblast's towns.

The goal of the contest is to seek out talented youths, help them discover new talents, establish a dialog with youth subcultures, find new ways to interact with teens.