Форум «Сохраняем память о Холокосте, боремся с антисемитизмом»

Vladimir Putin participated in the commemoration service organized in the framework of the International Forum 'Remembering the Holocaust: Fighting Antisemitism', that took place at the Yad Vashem memorial.

The International Forum was conducted in Jerusalem on January 22–23 and was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the International Holocaust Remembrance Day marked on January 27. On this day in 1945, the Soviet army, which played a crucial role in the victory over Nazi Germany, liberated Auschwitz.

The Yad Vashem memorial was largely redesigned in 2005. The central part of the memorial was dedicated to a new exposition that includes documents and artifacts conveying how the life of the European Jewish looked like shortly before World War II and the infernal agony inflicted upon them by the Nazis.