The legendary T-34 tank will lead the Victory Parade in Ulan-Ude for the first time

Легендарный танк Т-34 впервые возглавит Парад Победы в Улан-Удэ

Last year, the combat vehicle was removed from the pedestal and taken away for restoration.

The T-34 tank, which has served as a monument in Ulan-Ude for many years, was restored by the troops from the Eastern Military District (EMD) and will lead the military parade on May 9th in the capital of Buryatia. This was reported to TASS on Tuesday by the press office of the EMD.

Last October, the command of the combined arms army decided to remove the wartime tank from its pedestal at the EMD's armoured formation for complete restoration.

"The ad hoc commission of the Ulan-Ude city administration approved the decision of the command of the Eastern Military District combined arms formation on the participation of the legendary T-34 tank in the May 9th parade for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. The tank will lead the military equipment motor convoy," the press office said.

The best military specialists from the EMD separate maintenance battalion spent several months working on the restoration of the tank. They managed to install an engine from a completely different design, entirely replacing all engine life support systems. After that, the tank's driving capabilities, engine performance at maximum loads and manoeuvrability were tested at a special training ground.

Source: TASS