Advanced Buk-M3 air defence systems will take part in the Victory Parade for the first time

Новейшие ЗРК «Бук-М3» впервые примут участие в Параде Победы

On Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that the latest Buk-M3 medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems and the S-300V4 long-range missile system will be presented for the first time at the Victory Parade on May 9th in Moscow.

According to the report, "for the first time, the S-300V4 long-range anti-aircraft missile system and the Buk-M3 medium-range anti-aircraft missile system of the combat air defence will take part in the military parade on Red Square. The short-range anti-aircraft missile system will be showcased by modern Tor-M2 combat vehicles." 

The military department reiterated that combat vehicles from the 2S38 "Derivation-Air Defence" anti-aircraft artillery complex will also take part in the parade on Red Square for the first time.

It was noted that four Buk-M3 self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems, four ZRS Tor-M2 air defence system combat vehicles, three Derivation air defence combat vehicles, four S-300V4 launchers and two transporter erector launchers will participate in the motor convoy.

In total, 225 units of weapons and military equipment will be involved in the military parade, of which more than 20 advanced models of military equipment will be showcased for the first time.