Saratov Oblast representatives to take part in the 4th Road of Courage armored race.

Представители Саратовской области примут участие в IV бронепробеге «Дорога Мужества»

The event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War will take place Jul 8 through Jul 15.

Moscow, March 12. The Saratov regional branch of the Russian National Veteran Organization "Combat Brotherhood" will take part in the 4th Road of Courage armored race. The event is dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and will take place in several Russian cities on Jul 8 through Jul 15, 2020.

"Our primary vehicle will be a demilitarized BTR-80 armored personnel carrier that used to be used by Perm SWAT. One UAZ Patriot Ratibor will be acting as the support vehicle. We're going to drive from Saratov to Moscow, where on Jul 8, the race kicks off on Poklonnaya Hill. It's going to be our second Road of Courage. In 2018 we drove from Moscow to Brest and back to Moscow. Back then, we were using a BRDM-2 and a Volkodav special vehicle, covering a total of over 4 thousand kilometers," says Sergey Zhernovoy, a member of the Council of the Saratov regional branch of the Russian National Veteran Organization "Combat Brotherhood".

The armored race, which is being organized by the inter-regional public organization for the promotion of the study and operation of Military Equipment Society, will be dedicated to the battle of Kursk this year. A column of demilitarized BRDM-1, BTR-152, BRDM-2, BTR-40, BTR-80 armored personnel carriers as well as ZIS 151, ZIL 131, GAZ-69, ZIL 164 and UAZ 469 military trucks will drive from Moscow to Tula, then Orel, then Kursk, then Prokhorovka and Belgorod, and then back to Moscow.

In each of the cities, they will visit, participants will lay flowers to Soviet soldiers' memorials, visit places of military honor, and present armored vehicles, and tell their guests which battles these vehicles were in. Participants in the Road of Courage include various military and patriotic organizations, and military museums from Russia and the CIS. Participation has already been confirmed by the Panfilovshylar Pavlodar based search and rescue brigade (Kazakhstan) and the Stalin Line history and culture complex (Belarus).

According to Sergey Zhernovoy, after they get back to Saratov and take a rest, the "Combat Brotherhood" team will then take part in another event organized by the Military Equipment Society: the Kerch landing, during which armored vehicles will be crossing the Kerch strait. The event will be taking place for the fourth time on Jul 25 through Jul 26 in memory of the Soviet Army and Soviet navy soldiers who died during the Kerch-Eltigenskaya operation in 1943. It will be supported by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian navy.

The Road of Courage and the Kerch landing events have been included in the plan of key events to commemorate the victory in the Great Patriotic War in Russia in 2020, which was developed on orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The Road of Courage and the Kerch landing will feature military vehicles restored following original blueprints. These units now can be regarded as monuments to that period in history when they had to carry out real-life tasks related to defending the borders of our country. Now we're going to ride these vehicles on the same roads that our grandparents and great-grandparents fought on first defending the country and retreating and then advancing and beating the enemy during that awful conflict of the 20th century. Even more, representatives of military equipment clubs and military museums from former USSR republics are to be invited to participate in the 75th anniversary Road of Courage and Kerch landing events," said the organizer of the project and head of the Military Equipment Society Aleksey Migalin.

Source: TASS