Russian Diplomats plant a Commemoration Garden in the Russian embassy in the US to honor Victory Day

Российские дипломаты высадили «Сад памяти» в посольстве России в США в честь Дня Победы

The Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov noted that it was no coincidence that they planted a lilac garden since lilac is a symbol of victory and happiness.

The Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov and other Russian diplomats planted a Commemoration Garden in the territory of the Russian diplomatic mission on Friday to commemorate the 75h Anniversary of the Victory. The news was published on the Facebook page of the embassy.

"Today (Friday), on the eve of May 9th, we planted a lilac garden in the territory of the embassy. We wanted to do it together with ambassadors from other CIS nations as well as with all the staff of the Russian embassy. But that was not meant to be: the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic would not allow us to get together. Nevertheless, I believe that today we established a new tradition at the Russian embassy: the lilac garden," Mr. Antonov told journalists. "Why lilac, after all? Because back in 1945, Soviet soldiers were returning home in the spring and people were meeting them at the railroad stations with bunches of lilac flowers, thus lilac became a symbol of victory and happiness," the ambassador stressed. Video footage of the event was shared on the embassy's Facebook page.

"Today, we are remembering the people who laid down their lives so we can continue to live here and now," he noted. "We are never going to forget them. We would also like to express our deepest respect to those veterans who are still with us today and are happy that they are celebrating the Great Victory with us today albeit via TV, " the diplomat added.

"We also remember the contribution of all the other allies and I think this Great Victory is a common victory that we all share," Mr. Antonov pointed out.

Source: TASS