Symbol of Soviet Army's 1941 counteroffensive to set at the Main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces

Символ начала контрнаступления Красной Армии в 1941 году установят у главного храма ВС РФ

The Russian Minister of Defense noted that neither Russia nor any other countries had ever built a cathedral to commemorate the victors of the Great Patriotic War.

A milestone from which the Soviet troops launched their first westward offensive in 1941 will be set at the front entrance of the Main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces, which is being built to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. That's according to the Russian minister of defense, army general Sergey Shoygu.

"It was here that our troops held their defensive line. Nearby is Alabino, the location of the Moscow defense headquarters under the command of Marshal Zhukov, where serious—and for the first time positive—developments were unfolding: our first military successes [in 1941]. An old granite milestone was also found here, the very milestone from which our troops began to move west. And we plan to install it in a central location on the square, right in front of the temple," Shoygu said in an interview for the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

He noted that neither Russia nor any other country had ever built a cathedral to commemorate the victors of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945.

"Our Victory is such an important event that something like this should have been built in its honor long ago. But those were different times—all about museums and monuments; don't get me wrong, they were very good monuments, like Motherland, the massive museum complex in Brest fortress <...> But we wanted to do something special. I would very much like for this cathedral to become a place for anyone to go to not only confess but also gain inspiration to serve in your country's military," the minister of defense admitted.

Source: TASS