High-ranking Delegation from the USA to Visit Moscow on May 9.

США хотят отправить на 9 Мая в Москву высокопоставленную делегацию

According to John Sullivan, the United States Ambassador to Russia, a high-ranking delegation from the USA will visit Moscow to take part in the 75th anniversary of Victory Day on May 9, if Moscow doesn’t change its plans due to the Coronavirus situation.

‘As for now, I cannot tell you anything about who is going to be included in the delegation,’ Mr. Sullivan stated in his interview to Kommersant newspaper. "But you may rest assured –and the US President and the US Administration commit to this–that if the 9 May events take place as initially planned by the Russian authorities, they will be attended by very high-ranking people from the USA."

He further noted that the United States holds the memory of the events "that took place 75 years ago, to the victory won by the Allies over Nazi Germany and Japan in very high regard."

"This is a very important anniversary deserving of celebration. Today, Coronavirus makes it hard to predict things but if the celebrations of May 9 take place as planned, you will see some very high-ranking participants from the USA there", the Ambassador emphasised.

Source: TASS