T-34 Tank that Took Part in the Battle of Königsberg is Being Prepared for the Victory Day Parade

Участвовавший в штурме Кёнигсберга танк Т-34 готовят к Параду Победы

Technicians of the Baltic Fleet have started to prepare the T-34 tank that took part in the Battle of Königsberg in 1945 for the Victory Day Parade scheduled for May 9 in Kaliningrad.

‘A legendary T-34 tank,’ says Roman Martov, Captain 1st Rank representing the Baltic Fleet, ‘that took part in the Battle of Königsberg and that has been reconstructed by the Baltic Fleet technicians will head the mechanised convoy that will parade on the central square of Kaliningrad on May 9. The technicians of the Baltic Fleet repair unit have started maintenance and painting work on the T-34 Tank.’

He further stated that the maintenance technicians will lubricate the units and mechanisms, remove the old paint and administer corrosion treatment with special compounds before applying the new paint.

Army and non-military technicians of the Baltic Fleet Maintenance Battalion have reconstructed and restored this battle tank constructed in 1943 to service to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War. Despite the overall lack of spare parts for this type of military hardware, the technicians used the original technical drawings and reconstructed the tank and fully restored it to service.

During Great Patriotic War, the T-34 Tank took part in the Battle of Königsberg and its crew was victorious in battles four times. After the war, the Tank was placed on a pedestal as a monument. Shortly before the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War, the Baltic Fleet commanders decided to reconstruct it. Since then, this T-34 Tank has headed the convoy during the main military parade in Kaliningrad almost every year.

According to the Baltic Fleet, almost 1,100 service personnel and more than 1,000 members of other power departments will take part in the parade on the central square of Kaliningrad on Victory Day. Together with the parade squads of the Kaliningrad garrison, the parade will be attended by 75 units of military hardware in service with the military units of the Baltic Fleet. Air force units will also take part in the parade.