Moscow students will write “Letters to their great-grandfather at the front” for the 75th Victory day anniversary

В Москве школьники напишут «письма прадеду на фронт» к 75-летию Победы

Moscow high school students will write letters to their great-grandfather at the front as part of the 75th Victory Day anniversary activities, Head of the Moscow Media and Advertising Department Ivan Shubin told RIA Novosti.

“Open classes will be organized in the capital's schools, where high school students will write letters to their great-grandfather at the front,” Shubin said.

He noted that this event will be held in connection with the 75th Victory Day anniversary.

“With the Department's financial support, the large-scale “Letters of Victory” federal project is being implemented to mark the 75th Victory Day anniversary. The specially created web portal will publish letters from soldiers, officers, homefront workers, nurses, doctors, military journalists and other participants,” Shubin said.

According to him, anyone can share their family archive by attaching a scanned letter or a photo.

“Since the project was launched on December 3, 2019, the portal has posted over 200 thousand letters with the participation of local historical and military archives. The project plans to collect up to 1 million documents in total. These lively testimonies by participants will allow us to see and understand all of the destructive disasters of the war in a new way, through the eyes of various people who were victims, heroes and winners,” Shubin said.

He also added that a concert was scheduled for May 9th at Belorusski Station Square, where the main leitmotif would be lines from letters.